Our Story

How Pawfectly Crafted became established.

Welcome to Pawfectly Crafted. My Name is Lisa and my studio is based in Chorley, Lancashire.

I have always been creative, I love unique gifts and set up Pawfectly Crafted with my best four legged friend at the time, Coco.

This is where the name originally came from. It all started off with pet accessories, before growing into gifts for everyone and every occasion.

Coco always had accessories purchased by sellers like myself, as she was such a diva!

I preferred to support small businesses and not have her wearing mass produced items. 

She then became the mascot for my brand…..and the rest is history!

We got so many compliments from her modelling my items on Facebook and Instagram, as the pet Identity tags were hardwearing for even the craziest dogs about town.

Through 2016, I was working full time as a secretary and part time as a hairdresser, as well as growing Pawfectly Crafted on social networks. This meant working most evenings and weekends to fulfil orders. As the business grew, I realised something had to give as I was working 7 days a week!

Coco became ill in early 2019 so I gave up my other roles to focus on her, although she sadly passed away in June 2019, leaving behind her sister Darcy, who took up the challenge to become the face of the brand!

So 2019 was when I decided this was the year my dream turned into a reality, so here we are today growing stronger than ever and I couldn’t be happier.

All the gifts in my shop are designed in house and are hand stamped and personalised by me, we also accept custom orders.

You will never get two items the same as thats the beauty of hand stamping and these gifts make treasured keepsakes.

My suppliers are UK based so by supporting me, you are also supporting other small businesses.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.