Care instructions for Pet Tags

When Fixing your new pet identity tag to your pets collar or harness, please attach the large split ring supplied and not the small one.

If you attach the small ring this may stretch the split ring and may loosen the discs.

Metal on metal will naturally scratch and scuff.

All my tags are made from 

Aluminium is a lightweight metal and overtime may become dull, this metal is hypoallergenic and will not cause skin irritations.

Brass & Copper are very strong metals but will tarnish overtime. This is due to oxidisation when the metal comes into contact with the skin. I coat all tags with a waterproof metal protector to slow this process down but overtime this will wear off. This is not a fault it’s unavoidable.

To clean the tags use a micro fibre cloth and a metal cleaner like Autosol, Mothers Mag or Brasso and this will remove the tarnish and restore the shine. 

Household products can also be used on brass and copper if you don’t have any of the above. 

You can rub tomato ketchup on brass & copper with a soft cloth or soak the item in lemon juice for 10 minutes and this will also remove any tarnish.

All the above are not design faults and are considered normal wear and tear, therefore, a refund will not be issued under these circumstances.

Please always check your pets tag for general wear and tear as no responsibility will be taken by us if your pet came into harm wearing this product.