What is Hand Stamping

All my products are hand stamped, this is sometimes confused with engraved gifts which are made by a machine. 

I use various metals including brass, copper, pewter, aluminium & stainless steel. 

Hand stamping is a technique created by striking the top of individual alphabet steel metal stamps with a hammer to leave an indentation in the metal. This technique relies on the hand and eye to create beautiful pieces which create a more organic look to engraved items which all appear the same.

No two hand stamped items will ever be made the same. 

Hand stamping will have slight variations where some letters maybe slightly higher than others or letters may appear deeper than others, these are not flaws, this makes each gift unique.

Hand stamping will always leave a slight imprint on the reverse of each piece, this is not classed as a flaw its unavoidable, as hand stamping displaces the metal where engraving removes the metal.